*8r33n4* (foostar) wrote in towtheguide,

last night

Last night's episode wasn't that bad.

How come the audience didn't cheer when John Stamos came on?

I liked some of Monica and Chandler's questions... tho, I wouldn't think they'd choose a doner, simply beacause it wouldn't be Chandler's baby.

I liked Rachel last night- she was more witty. And I liked in the dressing room when Phoebe admitted she didn't like how Emma got on the phone.

And I'm glad Phoebe didn't go to the party- but I don't understand the whole jealousy game she wanted to play w/ Mike, because didn't they break up on OK terms?

Charlie and Joey are not believable as a couple. I don't like Charlie- when is she going away?

The thing w/ Ross was cute, only when he tried opening the door, and fell on the guys lap and he kept hugging him.

(Oh, and when Ross called Joey, didn't that remind you of when he called Joey when he was stuck in his leather pants?? in the TOW the Resolutions)

I was told THAT was the season finale... but umm, definitely not.
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