*8r33n4* (foostar) wrote in towtheguide,

last night

Last night's episode wasn't that bad.

How come the audience didn't cheer when John Stamos came on?

I liked some of Monica and Chandler's questions... tho, I wouldn't think they'd choose a doner, simply beacause it wouldn't be Chandler's baby.

I liked Rachel last night- she was more witty. And I liked in the dressing room when Phoebe admitted she didn't like how Emma got on the phone.

And I'm glad Phoebe didn't go to the party- but I don't understand the whole jealousy game she wanted to play w/ Mike, because didn't they break up on OK terms?

Charlie and Joey are not believable as a couple. I don't like Charlie- when is she going away?

The thing w/ Ross was cute, only when he tried opening the door, and fell on the guys lap and he kept hugging him.

(Oh, and when Ross called Joey, didn't that remind you of when he called Joey when he was stuck in his leather pants?? in the TOW the Resolutions)

I was told THAT was the season finale... but umm, definitely not.
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I've been hearing that Phoebe's gonna get proposed to in the seasom finale. I've always had a soft spot for avid and liked him just a tad bit better, but I'm almost bettin that it's Mike who has a change of heart and proposes to her.

as for Mon and Chandler, the docs never said getting pregnant was impossble, so maybe, juuuust maybe it'll be a repeat of Rache's pregnancy, and we get left with the cliffhanger of Monica getting pregnant, or finding a child to adopt.

And I'll almost put money on them leaving us with a cliffhanger with Rachel and Joey going into a room together or something like that and leve us wondering all summer "Did they do it or not??!"

I've been with this show since the pilot episode in '94, and only once was I wrong about the finales and how they were gonna end, so I'm wondering if my track record will hold or get broken this year. what'cha think?
I've been watching since 94 also,
and I've never had a clue to what'll happen in cliff hangers.

In fact, the last 2 seasons, I thought they coulda done a lot better.

David I liked at first... but bringing him back four times is kind of annoying. And like you said, I wouldn't be surprised if Mike or he proposed. we'll just have to see.

btw, when is the finale? is it next Thursday?
yup. the finale, TOI Barbados, is this coming thursday, may 15th. i was at the taping of the second part of it. :)
you were at a taping??
how exciting!
I've always wanted to be at a taping but I'm on the East coast. I even told myself they added 2 more seasons, to give me a chance to go out there and get in the audience. : )
yeah, it was really awesome! i was totally lucky that i got in, too. :)
Ahh!!!! I'm so jealous!! I keep trying to figure out how to get tickets and I haven't been able to. =o( How did you do it??
e-mail me at gizzmo2z@hotmail.com and i'll send you my taping experience. i'll tell you that i was EXTREMELY AND INSANELY lucky. you won't believe it. i still don't. :p
Ok.. let's get to the important stuff.. spoilers, for the love of Marcel!! Whatcha see?? What's gonna happen?? Gimme some dirt, I have no pride, I can grovel if need be.
e-mail me at gizzmo2z@hotmail.com and i'll send you the 6 and a half page long spoiler. ;) i can also send you my taping experience if you want. :)
oohh send it to me too ^.^
ok, what's your e-mail address? :p

thank you!